About Us

Hello dear friends. We want to introduce you the French brand Café In.

«Café» -in French means coffee, and «in» in English — inside.

We are the only company in the Armenian market that sells not just coffee, we sell Bio coffee. In the production process, we use a patented technology with very high biological standards. This gives us the right to assert that our coffee is the first organic product in the segment of Armenia. This means that our product is completely free from genetically modified raw materials and various chemical additives. Gentle roasting of coffee beans (without chemical impact) allows you not to use essential oils, while maintaining the full gamut and brightness of the taste of natural coffee. Coffee is grown and granulated in Brazil. Even the packaging, which is used to transport coffee in Armenia, is only from friendly materials. This also ensures the safety of the taste of your coffee.

What types of coffee form «Café In» instant coffee?

  • Arabica 60% (roasted Saudi) light roast
  • Robusta 20% (for balance of taste)
  • Arabica Mocha 20% (for an unforgettable taste) chocolate shade

Everyone who enters the Café In family enjoys a full range of services. We do not have «small» or «big» partners, each of you is important for us. Delivery and service are free.

«Café In» is a natural instant coffee from whole coffee beans, without chemical additives and essential oils. Does not contain dyes or preservatives. Contains natural caffeine, in an amount of 326 ml / kg. Packed according to the manufacturer’s regulations.

Thank you for finding time to get acquainted with us. And irrespective of your decision it is our honor to get acquainted with you.


“Café IN” team.                                                     Awake your imagination!